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Rose Cake

The signature rose cake, with a rose frosting emphasizes the delicate floral flavors

$30 for 6 inch

$45 for 8 inch

$60 for 10 inch

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Pistachio Rose Cake

The eggless rose cake combines the sweet floral flavors of rose and the nuttiness of the pistachio into a beautifully soft cake

$30 for 8 inch Bunt

$25 for two 3.5 inch Bunts

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Spiced Chai Roll

The spiced chai roll combines soft milk bread with a flavorful blend of cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, star anise, and ginger 

$25 for 6 

$45 for 12 

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Saffron Cream Puff

The saffron cream puffs mix a soft french choux pastry with a delicately light and creamy saffron filling 

$20 for 4 

$45 for 8

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Jam Thimble Cookies

The Jam thimble cookies are crumbly cookies with a crunchy walnut coating and the choice of apricot or strawberry jam

$30 for 10 

$50 for 20

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Paan Macarons

The Paan macarons mix the intricate flavors of classic Indian Paan and the delicateness of french macarons

$20 for 4

$32 for 8

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